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Trades Equity & ETF Options in Real-Time

The HA Options Team consisting of Fari HamzeiNancy Scott (aka AirBoss), Michael BlytheSuzanne McKenzie, and with its Options Trading Chatroom and a private Twitter Feed. Once you sign-up below, we will show you how to connect to that private feed.

    Fari Hamzei is founder of Hamzei Analytics, LLC. 

    Nancy Scott has been HA AirBoss since late 2003. An avid options trader, she has heavy duty background in math and statistics. Nancy is also a SQL Admin.

Hamzei Analytics, LLC, offers a Twitter Feed and a Chatroom to trade:

  • Stocks listed on NYSE and NASDAQ Exchanges and priced greater than $20
  • Stock Index Options: $SPX & $NDX
  • Equity, Credit & Commodity ETF Options: $SPY, $QQQ, $TLT, $TBT $GLD & $SLV
  • High-Beta Equity Options: $GOOG, $AMZN, $BIDU, $AAPL, $GS & $JPM
Our options trades will be swing-traded by our Options Dream Team:
  • Long Calls and Long Puts
  • Credit and Debit Spreads
  • Butterflies and Backspreads
  • Ahead of or following the Earnings Report
  • We will hold options trades overnight
AUTO-TRADING:HA Options Minimum account size: $25,000Our first Auto-Trading Broker is PTI Securities. Go to their website and open an account and fund it and then let us know. Make sure they know you desire to auto-trade this newsletter. InterActive Brokers (NASDAQ symbol: IBKR) is the custodian of your funds. Subscriber must have a Twitter account. Don't have a Twitter account? It is FREE.Click here to sign up. Once you subscribe and login, you will see links to videos for how to complete your setup before your first day of trading. Our custom-made HFT DeskTop v3 is your main chatroom offering many social networking and A/V features.Technical specs for the HFT Desktop v2.09 include best to have Windows7 and IE9 and for its STREAMING AUDIO, must have Windows Media Player 12 PLUS Microsoft's cutting-edge Silverlight v5 AND open ports 4529-4534 (Silverlight-related) and port 943 (for Chat box communications) in your firewall. Back-up HFT Chatroom v1.x in case our main Silverlight-based chatrooms go down (which has been very rare in 50 months of operation). Here is our record so far this year: Long & Short Stocks  High-Gamma Options


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