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Trade Futures, ETFs and FANGAM Stocks in Real-Time with backup communication on Twitter

Hamzei Analytics offers a dedicated chatroom, seven prop streamers and 2 private Twitter Feeds running 24/6 to trade:

  • US Stock Index Futures: #ES_F, #NQ_F, #RTY_F, #YM_F & #VX_F
  • Euro Stock Index Futures: #LZ_F, #FDAX_F, #FESX_F & FGBL_F
  • Crude Oil, Gold, Treasury Notes & Bonds Futures: #CL_F, GC_F, #FV_F, #TY_F & #US_F   

Stock Index, Crude Oil and VIX Futures will be very actively traded:
  • Long, Short or partially hedged (at certain times, fully hedged)
  • Majority of time, we will go home flat futures. on rare occasions, we may hold overnight.

Recommended account size: $50,000

Subscriber must have a Twitter account. Don't have a Twitter account? It is FREE.
Click here to sign up. Once you subscribe and login, you will see links to videos for how to complete your setup before your first day of trading.

The HFT Package includes:
  • SEVEN LIVE Chart Streamers (browser-based) -- best to have multiple monitors   
  • Fari Hamzei is founder of Hamzei Analytics.
  • Anne-Marie Baiynd has been actively trading the markets successfully intraday for over a decade. She is the author of two books, The Trading Book, and The Trading Book Course, and contributor to several other publications. She is a YahooFinance Contributor and frequent guest on financial media outlets. She runs her own private accounts and is the CEO of The Trading Book, an education and information based site for active traders. Anne-Marie employs high probability trading systems combining the proper use of company performance, price level support and resistance reinforced by Fibonacci retracements, along with key technical indicators. Her educational background is in Mathematics, and BioStatistics, is a former neuroscience researcher, and spent 20 years in private industry before working with the markets.
  • And, access to FIVE proprietary Other-Time-Frame (OTF) Charts Streamers, very popular for detecting big players' market footprint in real-time: Standard Hamzei Analytics' Non-Disclosure Agreement is required.   You need to download the NDA form from this link, read it and fax an executed copy to us before we can activate your access to OTF Streamer.


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HFT OTFMonthly$500.00
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HFT OTFSemi-Annually$2700.00
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